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Welcome to Cates Publications.  Go to for three free electronic edition (.pdf) charts (The Church of the Bible and English Grammar I and II) and for 
1 cent ($0.01) shipping on all physical products!
Cates Publications is a family run operation specializing in the production and distribution of books, charts, booklets, and tracts on Biblical, apologetic, and grammatical subjects.  Please take a few moments to look around, and please feel free to contact us if you would like to make an order (via the order form here on the site) or would like to receive more information.  The aim of Cates Publications is to provide through numerous media sound material which will promote Christ.

If you are interesting in shopping on-line for Cates Publications products, please follow this link:

Otherwise, please consider printing an order form.  If you have any questions, please call Daniel Cates at 662-560-8045

An excerpt from Curtis A. Cates, Sr.'s, The Noahic Flood:

"In spite of the marvelous proliferation of scientific knowledge and of the fact that the Bible does not claim to be a 'science book,' yet the Word of God is in perfect agreement and congruency with the facts of science" (p. 5).
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